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Door Bunting Display Stand Printing in Malaysia

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If you’re looking for trade show displays that are easy to use and store, cost-effective, and look great, you find it all with tension fabric displays. These lightweight trade show exhibitions have grown considerably in popularity and don’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

Do you still need convincing? Read on to discover a few benefits of a portable fabric display.

1. Made to Order
Even though these displays are modular, they are still easy to customize to help create the exact design aesthetic you need. You can also easily rearrange displays for different shows or even on different days of the same show to keep your booth interesting. The technology for printing on fabric has also advanced enormously. The result is sharp, clear graphics full of rich colors, from company logos to panoramic photographs that appear as though you could step right into them.

2. Easy to Set Up
The easy setup nature of pop up booths is the main reason their popularity grew so quickly. Trade show veterans know the time, storage, and shipping requirements of traditional displays. Let’s just say that they aren’t minimal. With a pop up display’s aluminum framework, your display components weigh only a fraction of what yesterday’s booths weighed, and some clock in as low as 10 pounds. That makes storage and shipping much simpler.

3. Flexibility
Thanks to their lightweight construction and “pop up” nature, portable displays are highly flexible. Components may be moved around or rearranged into any configuration that makes sense for a particular event.

4. Long Lasting
We keep talking about the easy setup and tear down, but seriously, that ease plays a large role in many of the benefits of pop-up displays. In this case, the less time spent handling the display – wrestling to get it in place and put components together – means that the booth takes on far less wear and tear. Although fabric may seem like a more temporary material, these displays tend to last longer simply because they require less handling. Typically, you save money with a fabric display since you need to replace it less often.

5. Eye-Popping Appeal
The fabric in pop-up displays allows end-to-end printing. Coupled with the incredible quality of these graphics, including crisp lines and full colors, you get a display that looks extraordinarily modern and sleek and grabs the eyes of passersby. And isn’t that why you have the booth, to begin with?

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Ptinting : Eco Solvent Glossy Laminate

Size : 30 x 71 inch

Finishing : 4 Eyelet

Additional information

3 Meter, 5 Meter


Type A, Type B

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